Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Me

Hello my name is Rhonda Smith, I am so in love with music since the age of 10.  I always knew I would be doing something that related to the music industry, that's why I chose to major in Entertainment Business. I have a son and I hope to pass on my talents and dreams to him as well.  He is already in to music just like I was when I was his age.   My heart is leaning toward the Radio and Broadcasting Field. I have been djaying for 4 years now, and I love it! I am currently in NC, but I am ready and will locate to where my career takes me.  There's nothing more than having a career in what you love doing....

Foxy 99.1 "The Big Stick"


     Foxy 99.1 is one of the most popular radio shows in Fayetteville NC.  It is a Hip Hop Station that airs 7 days a week with a full staff of djays.  The Russ Parr show airs from about 6am to 10am and then Jane Dough starts out the day.  Most of the music that she plays is at the top of the charts.  She is best known as the Midday Princess and is very down to earth and respected throughout the community.  Lunch time is when the guest DJ appears on the air and mixes a lunch time mix, Tommy Gee Mix which is pictured above, DJ D-Rocc, and DJ Scooby also participate in the lunch time mix.  I enjoy listening to this station and I plan on going into the field of radio and broadcasting, and I am looking forward to having as much fun in this field as much as they do. 
     Around 1pm is when Jane Dough broadcast a segment called Jane's 411, and she let's everyone know the rumors and the news going on in the entertainment world.  It's always interesting to hear.  At 3pm Jane Dough hands the show over to Mike Tech or Emini, and at 5pm there is the traffic mix to get you home from work.  I love to listen to this station on the way home because they do play a good selection during this time.  There's always a DJ on board throughout the 24 hours of air play.  There are always opportunities for guest to call in and win tickets for the concert or comedy shows when you hear the "foxy phone tones".  They are very active in the community and for the people.  When the tornado came through Fayetteville, NC, there was always something on the air about where to get water or assistance of some sort.  They also talk about current topics or events happening through the world or the state, and callers call-in or email their opinions.  There are opportunities where you can win prizes also, when you have the bumper sticker on your car or when the van is roaming around town.  You can also catch the show online and live streaming. Celebrity guest appearances are always fun to listen to.   Overall Foxy 99.1 is one of the top radio stations in Fayetteville NC.  Check out the foxy 99.1 website and  see for yourself!!!